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Hello there! My name is Olivia Mattiazzo and I’m currently working as Software Developer at Lisbon, Portugal. I’m a remote fullstack dev, and my main tech stack is Ruby on Rails and React.

I was born and raised at the São Paulo state countryside and the biggest part of my academic education comes from there — I have a technical degree in Informatics and I’m also a Information Systems bachelor, all from Unesp – Bauru. I also had the opportunity to study abroad through the program Science Without Borders, at Trinity College, in Dublin. I studied there for a whole school year and also completed a three month internship. At the time, TCD was among the top 100 universities in the world!

Uma garota abraçando um dos pilares do monumento na entrada da Trinity College.
Ireland, 2015. I ❤ you, TCD

Since the beginning of my graduation until now, I had the opportunity to complete internships and work with software development. My career is basically centered between two types of systems: the government systems — with clients as FDE [Education Development Foundation] (SP – BR), BRDE [Regional Development Bank of the Far South] (RS – BR) and Portugal’s Social Security — and the financial systems — through companies like Paschoalotto Financial Services (SP – BR) and iCapital Network (USA).

For the biggest part of my career, I worked mainly with .NET and C#, even though I also have adventured myself with other technologies, such as Javascript, HTML and CSS, mainframes as OS2200 and several databases. But, in september 2021, I accepted the challenge to change my work stack and went to Ruby on Rails on the backend and React on the frontend, and I’ve been with them until now. Starting this journey as a fullstack developer was a big challenge to me, but I’ve been finding it very recompensating and loving every minute!

Lisbon, 2022. An updated picture of my setup!

Besides the develpment world, I really enjoy study idioms — apart from my fluent Portuguese, I’m also fluent in English, I have some notions of German and I’ve been taking Spanish classes since 2019, and I’m going to the advanced level.

In my free time, you can find me studying Tarot, reading, playing videogames or planing things like my next trip, concert or tattoo! I really like to explore: places, foods, cultures, concepts and feelings. We keep on going with the head always open to new experiences and the heart always full of sentiments!

Uma garota na frente da Battersea Power Station, em Londres
London, 2018. If I can mix my trips with my music, better still.

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