Et Cetera #6

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Welcome to the sixth edition of Et Cetera, your series of posts that was supposed to be a newsletter! And here we are, at the end of this first season. It was a interesting journey – it has been a long time since I wrote so much in English… It helped me a lot and I also learned about how to make “dated” posts; it’s not so easy as I thought! I’ll surely keep this in mind in the next season, even though I’m not so sure when it will happen… I promise to keep you guys updated! But, for now, enjoy the last contents I’ve prepared for you. See ya!

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📰 #1: Users With Disabilities Are Not Edge Cases by Taylor Riley Du

“When we build web applications that are not accessible, we may be losing up to 1 billion potential users.” This phrase from this article really impacted me. It’s terrible how we don’t pay enough attention at the accessibility of our applications: we don’t test it and we only care when people with disabilities complain about it. And this is not okay! All of us, as software developers, should be concerned with this, and even if we don’t know how to make our applications accessible, we must demand this from the companies.

Idiom: English | Accessed in: 14/12/2020

📰 #2: How To Balance Your Job With Your Side Projects As A Developer by Catalin Pit

This year, spending more time at home than in the public transportation, I was able to start a lot of new personal projects, including this blog. Of course, having more time helped, but I also started to take things a little more serious. I did it my way, obviously, but this article may help you if you want to start to have more time for personal projects. There’s no revolutionary tip, I admit, but you know… I think it’s worth the reading.

Idiom: English| Accessed in: 15/12/2020

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🎬 #3: The mood-bosting power of crying by Kathy Mendias

Well, I must admit I cry more than I should, but for me, tears always had the power of transforming bad feelings into actions. That’s why, sometimes, I rather take a time to decompress through crying than holding my feelings. Kathy talks a lot about crying in this lecture in a determined context: pregnant women and their partners. It’s really nice to hear her stories and her conclusions about how powerful are our tears.

Idiom: English, with subtitles in 5 languages | Accessed in: 15/12/2020

🎬 #4: Aplausos da aprovação da adoção de crianças por casais do mesmo sexo

Some refreshed old news – because certain things need to be celebrated! Since 2015, same sex couples are allowed to adopt children here in Portugal, which is AWESOME! I truly don’t understand why there’s so many people against this type of decision: why do people prefer to see a kid living in a orphanage, alone, than living with two parents that I’ll love her unconditionally and provide all the best? I really can’t follow this type of prejudice. Let’s celebrate the fifth anniversary of this approval!

Idiom: Portuguese, no subtitles | Accessed in: 15/12/2020

🎬 #5: How reverse mentorship can help create better leaders by Patrice Gordon

I attended to a Female Leadership Bootcamp this year and one of the main advices I heard there was about mentorship: how to get one, why to get one, testimonies of people who got them… And that’s why I found this lecture so interesting: mentorship shouldn’t be only top-down. I know many people really want to improve and learn from those who are above, but leaders can also learn a lot from listening those who are led by them. It’s a practice I really would like to see more and I believe would have fantastic results if taken seriously.

Idiom: English, with subtitles in 7 languages | Accessed in: 15/12/2020

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