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Welcome to the fourth edition of Et Cetera, your series of posts that was supposed to be a newsletter! This chapter is mainly made with articles, because reading is far more easy to me than the other types of contents 😅 I know the time of some themes have already passed (like the Brazilian elections, for example), but I feel it’s still important to talk about these event’s impacts on our society. I hope you enjoy the content I’ve chosen to you! See ya!

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📰 #1: Apesar das cotas, mulheres não chegam a 20% dos vereadores em capitais by Camila Brandalise

Recently, in Brazil, we had the municipal elections and we already had some reasons to celebrate the results: many cities elected black and trans people with expressive numbers – and that’s awesome! But nothing is that good: even with a increase, women’s participation in politics are still under 30%, the minimum established by law. Knowing that we are more than a half of the country’s population, not having enough representation in the governments it’s kinda worrying.

Idiom: Portuguese | Accessed in: 28/11/2020

📰 #2: Starting out your software engineering career by Israel Adetunji

I know I’m not starting my career anymore, but I’m always attracted by this type of article. I feel they might have something new to teach me or a very good tip I didn’t know about. But sometimes, like this one, they’re like… a slap on my face, because there’s things listed there I still haven’t tried or I’m currently struggling with until now. I never tried to get a mentor, for example, and I always keep thinking I should give it a try. Maybe this article will serve as a slap in your face too, senior developer! 😅

Idiom: English | Accessed in: 28/11/2020

📰 #3: African fintech startup Chipper Cash raises $30M backed by Jeff Bezos by Jake Bright

We never hear much about the technology sector in Africa, or business made to Africans, so this article really caught my attention: it tells a little about the fintech Chipper Cash, founded in San Francisco, that offers mobile-based, no fee, P2P payment services in seven African countries. They recently rose a $30M funding, and are planning to expand its products and geographic scope. The article also present some data about the African’s tech ecosystem – which has been one of the fastest growing in the world.

Idiom: English | Accessed in: 28/11/2020

📰 #4: 7 tips on how to manage stress as a developer by Bobby Iliev

As developers, no matter which level you are, we’re always dealing with a huge amount of stress. I know the tips from this article may sound a little cliche – certainly, you probably already know you should be eating your veggies and practicing some exercise – but it’s always good to remember we really need to manage our stress levels. Otherwise, we break. And it’s a long and hard way to get back up.

Idiom: English | Accessed in: 28/11/2020

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🎬 #5: What happens after we develop a COVID-19 vaccine? by Johanna Benesty

This was a very elucidative lecture about what can happen after the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, and my favorite part was when Johanna talks about the scenarios of who’s going to receive the vaccine first. It’s a little scary, I must admit, specially thinking about the Brazilian reality. I really expect things gets better in my home country and that global leaders will deal with this future situation in a solidary and equitable way – I don’t have much hope, tho.

Idiom: English, subtitles available in 6 languages | Accessed in: 28/11/2020

🎬 EXTRA: This is what happens when you reply to spam email by James Veitch

I didn’t wanted to put this TED talk as an “official” recommendation, so I’m doing it as an extra: it’s a comedian talking about when he replied a spam email about selling gold. It’s really funny and, although I do not recommend trying this at home, I keep imagining if everyone did this to the spammers that invades our emails everyday 🤣

Idiom: English, subtitles available in 47 languages | Accessed in: 28/11/2020

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