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Hi there! Welcome to the second edition of Et Cetera! I’m already repeating myself here in some themes 😅 but it is because I really believe it’s relevant. By the way, I’ve been thinking and if you have any type of suggestion for these posts, please feel free to send me! Especially if it is articles from or about women, people of color or any other minorities. I’m really interested in these and I pretty much would like to reverb their voices. Let’s go!

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📰 #1: How to Build Good Habits and Excel as a Junior Developer by Jeff Jessie

This article sounds like a tutorial but it is not. It’s about how you should understand yourself and other meaning values to you (where you are, who do you want to be, etc) and how you should let this transform your habits. I have to say: I really would like to have found this article when I was younger… but it’s never too late to review some concepts, right?

Idiom: English | Accessed in: 18/11/2020

📰 #2: What does a Tech Lead do? by Philipp Giese

I don’t know about you, but I really would like to be a Tech Lead one day. For now, I feel I’m still very far from it, but you know… I want to get there someday. And this article was very good to understand better which are the most important tasks I must assume if I want to be a Tech Lead; of course, being these tasks aligned with the type of Tech Lead I would like to be. Very clarifying!

Idiom: English | Accessed in: 18/11/2020

📰 #3: Why You Don’t Have to be Good at English to Start a Tech Blog by Victoria Lo

As I said, I’m repeating myself about the subject You Should Have a Blog (and there’s another article on the next Et Cetera, brace yourselves 😆). I know it sounds stupid to endorse this position of “You don’t need sharp English to blog” when I’m actually writing this post in English, but this is really what I believe! If English is not your first language but you want to use it to blog about tech, there’s several other writing skills that are far more important than a perfect vocabulary and grammar.

Idiom: English | Accessed in: 18/11/2020

📰 #4: The Substackerati by Clio Chang

I have to admit: I didn’t know that newsletters were such a massive way to communicate. This article talks about Substack, a newsletter platform which allows writers to distribute their work at tiered subscription rates. The main question is: is Substack revolutionizing the media system – through making it more equitable – or is it replicating the same flaws? Me and Clio couldn’t found an answer, but maybe you do! Here’s an article to help you to form an opinion.

Idiom: English | Accessed in: 18/11/2020

📋 #5: A Complete Guide to CSS Gradients by Geoff Graham

I’m a backend developer for (mainly) two reasons: 1) I don’t have much patience for frontend sh*t and 2) My aesthetic sense is sh*t. You have to understand that: if I can put a gradient into something, I will, and I don’t know how to properly mix colors. If you’re a little like me, this guide about CSS Gradients will help you a lot! There’s a lot of demos and explanations. If you’re a little lost about it, here’s a piece of content to guide you into this magic (and messy) world of CSS.

Idiom: English | Accessed in: 18/11/2020

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