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Recently, I asked at my Twitter if I should write, weekly, brief posts about exciting articles and videos I find on the vast world of the internet. I also mentioned I would like to write these ones in English, so I can practice it (I’ve been feeling it a little rusty these days). And, as we say in Brazil, people’s voice is God’s voice, so… here we are! Welcome to the first season, first episode of Et Cetera!

But first: why Et Cetera?

After finding which articles I would like to talk about this week, I started to think in a name to this series of posts. I like to think it like a newsletter, and all newsletters have names, right? And, in my personal experience, the better the name, the better the content (Aline Valek, I’m looking at you with “Unmissable Nonsense”).

So I came up with a list of names, many of them involving the words dev and tech, but I felt it sounded a little limiting. I’m not sharing only articles about being a developer or about technology. I also want to talk about other things: about soft skills, about feminism, about diversity, about fun… There’s so much to say and so much knowledge to share! I can’t be limited to these subjects.

And then this simple expression fell in my lap: et cetera. It’s not like I didn’t know about it, I actually use it a lot. And I felt that this is the spirit of these posts, they are my et cetera for my normal posts. It is about topics I find important but said by other people, and complementing the posts I actually write. You don’t have to know them to understand the general picture, but you know it is there. And you can access if you want.

That said, let’s officially start!

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📰 #1: Should You Start A Blog As A Developer? by Catalin Pit

The question is rhetorical: of course you should start blogging, and I fully endorse this affirmation. Sharing your knowledge and documenting your processes are helpful not only for community but also for yourself. This article presents some reasons why you should start a blog right now. (And send me the link when you publish your first post, I really want to see it!)

Idiom: English | Accessed in: 17/11/2020

📰 #2: Planejando compartilhar o vídeo do Morgan Freeman? Leia este texto antes by Cris Guterres

I know I’m a bit late, the Brazilian Black Conscience Day has already passed, but it’s never enough talking about being anti-racist. No matter which idiom, no matter which country: black people are suffering, are dying and not getting justice when they need it. Ignoring racism will not make it disappear, and this is our problem, as white people. We invented this shit and we need to stop it. If you already posted any of the examples Cris Guterres listed, please, take this article in consideration for the next year.

Idiom: Portuguese| Accessed in: 18/11/2020

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🎬 #3: As portas de vidro: mulheres e tecnologia by Ciranda de Morais

Glass ceiling is an expression used to talk about unacknowledged barriers that keep minorities out of leadership positions or advancement in their careers. In this lecture, Ciranda talks about the glass door in the context of women and technology, and why we need to break stereotypes every single day to attract more diversity to our teams. It’s worth dig a little more into this subject after this TED.

Idiom: Brasilian Portuguese, no subtitles available | Accessed in: 17/11/2020

🎬 #4: I don’t want children – stop telling me I’ll change my mind by Christen Reighter

OK, so this one is a lot more personal, but also involve my professional life. As woman, many times our existence is seen as a mean to an end, being this end a baby. And I’m one of the women that is all about the mean: I don’t want children, just like Christen here. I’m aware of all the judgments this choice carries, but it’s my truth, and I have several reasons that support this choice. This TED talk is very dense and explanatory about how society sees a woman that doesn’t want to be a mother. And I hope it helps you to think about this specific stereotype that surround us.

Idiom: English, subtitles in more than 23 languages | Accessed at: 17-11-2020

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📋 #5: Blazor WebAssembly Component Virtualization with ASP.NET Core API by Marinko Spasojevic

Blazor is one of the technologies I really want to learn more about, but I still didn’t have time to (and also didn’t prioritized properly). I remember when I met Razor, it was love at the first use. 😆 However, even not knowing much, technically, I really liked this tutorial. It teaches us how to use the Virtualize component, so we can lazy load items on the DOM. Quite useful, don’t you think?

Idiom: English | Accessed in: 17/11/2020

PS: For the people at Twitter who voted in the third option… I’m sorry. I can help you with the language if you want, tho! Feel free to contact me! ✌

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